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Adnan Gilani

February 21, 2011 | No Comments

It has been exposed that the besieged ‘diplomat’ – Raymond Davis, is a CIA agent; Mr. Davis has been charged with the murder of two civilians by a court in Pakistan.

 This diplomatic quagmire began on January 27 when Davis murdered two civilians in downtown Lahore; he claimed his actions were the result of being the target of an armed robbery.

After shooting 9 bullets from his gun – two bullets were found in the back of one of the ‘thieves’, he called the US Consulate for back up, calmly photographed the bodies with his cell phone but panicked when he saw the crowed turning hostile and fled in his car, losing his way in the downtown area.

The backup vehicle from the American Consulate killed a motorist during its rescue op; the driver luckily escaped the fury of the local mob when he saw that Davis was apprehended by the authorities.

The identity of the consulate driver will never be discovered, as shortly after he was flown out of Pakistan, repeated requests by Pakistan to have the unknown assailant brought back have gone unanswered.

The crux of this dilemma is the claim that Davis is a diplomat; therefore, he is privy to immunity as set forth in the Vienna Conventions.

A closer examination reveals many inaccuracies in Davis’s supposed diplomatic status, his belongings included:

A loaded Glock handgun along with a bucket load of bullets for both guns, three full magazines, a load of M16 shells, GPS tracker, several mobile phones, a satellite phone, wireless sets, a survival kit small telescope, mask, military-grade knives, a wire cutter, a collection of batteries and a mutually exclusive array of business cards.

Profoundly puzzling and disturbing was the camera recovered from him loaded with pictures of dozens of madrassas (religious schools) and other sensitive buildings in and around Lahore. Such places have been in the past or are likely to be the targets of terrorism and his interest in such locations, when viewed in conjunction with his demeanor, dubious credentials and questionable items recovered from his car, including a bundle of cash drawn from ATM and all those cell phones that are generally used as bomb detonators by terrorists, point to his possible involvement in some kind of covert US program to finance or orchestrate subversive activities that have recently resulted in the spate of bomb blasts in the country.

The incident has resulted in an extended diplomatic impasse, which might be attributed to the cessation of drone attacks along the Afghan-Pak border.

Such antics by U.S. officials confirm the primordial view that the value of American life reigns supreme over others. The blatant disregard for civilian life has been a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy.

Envision an agent from the ISI (Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency) roaming freely on the streets of a major metropolitan centre in the U.S., and then suddenly he opens fire on civilians. Upon his arrest similar items to those of Davis are discovered, do you believe for a nanosecond that his claims of serving as a diplomat would be respected?

Investigating Davis’s crimes does not impugn the tenants of diplomatic norms; however, falsely identifying a national as a technical advisor serving under the guise of a consular employee is another matter.

Pakistan’s puppet regime has faced considerable pressure from its citizens to sever the strings of proxy rule. Incidents such as these truly convey the extent of imperial manipulation that infects the government.

Many are not cognizant of the fact that Pakistan is not a homogenous entity; it contains ethnic groups to the North along the Afghani border, which desire the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate; Bedouin tribes to the West that desire separation, in order to obtain autonomous rule; groups to the south that ethnically cleanse all alien elements that surround them; and an artificial centre that houses the federal structures of governance.

 As always, justice for the victim’s families is an illusive dream, since their loved ones were murdered by an infallible foreigner that is able cower behind a set of conventions.


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