Shawn Little, RIP

Jonathan McLeod

November 27, 2012 | 2 Comments

Former Ottawa city councillor Shawn Little has died. He passed away over the weekend in Cuba, apparently of heart failure. Shawn was a feisty and controversial politician. He clearly made some enemies, and found himself in some trouble regarding election expenses. The allegations were never proven, but allegations don’t have to be proven in order to do damage.

I liked Shawn. I didn’t know him well enough to call him a friend, but we used to live in the same area, and we met a few times at political events. This was before he ever ran for office, and he was generally viewed as a rising star in Ottawa’s conservative circles. As feisty as he would appear while in office, he was at least as nice a person.

Rest in peace, Shawn.


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  1. Jean Marc Leblanc
    December 21st, 2012 @ 12:58 am

    I only found out today, Id been calling and texting Shawn frequently, for 3 weeks now i had a sinking feeling, today as i was working in his vicinity, i decided to stop by his house in calgary and find that it was empty, where his brand new 60 inch tv was, all i saw was big empty white corner….i noticed the song that came on sattelite radio was simple minds dont you forget about me, one of my preferred karaoke tunes, Shawn enjoyed that too, in his drunken irishman way. 3 times this past week i texted and emailed … Are you alive?…….Shawn had asked me to go on that trip with him,…as i had to give up a belize trip nov 1st due to seperation , he thought it would do me good to get away with him….i would have seriously considered but couldnt ask for the time off… He will be missed, a good man , emotional and sensitive, energetic and lauged easily, would talk to anyone and everyone, delightful soul, both troubled and delightful. Love you buddy!.


    Jonathan McLeod Reply:

    Thanks for commenting, Jean Marc. It’s nice to hear from someone who knew Shawn well.


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