Where have all the grown ups gone?

Jonathan McLeod

March 18, 2014 | 5 Comments

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives seem a bit lost. At a time when they should be capitalizing on the stumbles and scandals of the current Liberal government, the Tories just can’t seem to do much right. They have flip-flopped on right-to-work policy (did many people really even care about the issue?); their white paper on traffic and infrastructure, Building Great Cities, is a mess; and on Thursday, three of their candidates showed up in Ottawa to completely bungle a photo-op*

Meanwhile, the Liberals introduced sensible and necessary changes to the Highway Traffic Act, yesterday. While the Tories are flailing, the Liberals are actually taking time to govern.

There was a time in my youth and young adulthood that conservatives viewed themselves as the grownups in politics. For a while, they had a point. A lot of conservative policy were focused on balancing difficult choices, recognizing externalities and taking into account unintended consequences. But no more. We’ve seen the way politicking has infected U.S. conservatism, and this virus seems to have crossed the border.

The Liberal government deserves to lose the next election. Of course, they deserved to lose the last election, but the Tories were just too inept to capitalize. We need them to grow up, start thinking seriously about issues and demonstrate that they are prepared to run this province.

*How badly did they screw up? They called Highway 174 “Highway 147″, talked about the wrong bridge that comes into the city and they couldn’t find a quiet place to hold their press conference because of the drilling of the LRT–and the press conference was focused on the lack of transit infrastructure!


5 Responses to “Where have all the grown ups gone?”

  1. Mike
    March 18th, 2014 @ 11:12 am

    It’s amazing how much real conservatives hate Tim Hudak. It’s true, I have talked to many of them while working at farm shows. I’m sure most of it comes from the fact that he couldn’t beat the Liberals last provincial election. It’s time for (a) a new Conservative leader, or (b) The rest of Ontario seperating from Toronto. I like option (b).


    Jonathan McLeod Reply:

    We could do both!

    Personally, I think Hudak is pretty close to being a pass-able leader (which, granted, is a really low bar). The difficulty he is having besting an unpopular government is a true indictment, both of his political acumen and his policies.


    mike Reply:

    I’d like to add that he just doesn’t come off as someone anyone would like to vote for. I remember him speaking after his last loss, and after every short sentence he cracked this really weird “shit eating” grin. I remember thinking, “Does this guy realize he’s just lost?” I think he is horrible and is the master of his own fate.


    Jonathan McLeod Reply:

    I will not disagree with this comment.


  2. weight
    June 24th, 2014 @ 9:48 pm


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